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157-123 HOOK WASH
#157-123 HOOK WASH. Embroidery Machine Cleaner and Lubricant.

Product Description

11oz CAN

Product Shipping Advisory: All orders that include this item will be shipped via UPS ground. This item cannot ship via UPS Air, or USPS (mail). Cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & US Virgin Islands. Cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

Hook Wash is for cleaning and lubricating embroidery machines.

Hook Wash is a cleaner and lubricant that was originally designed for cleaning the rotary hook and other embroidery machine parts. It removes grease, oil, corrosion and other contaminants from mechanical components and some electronic parts. Protects against corrosive build-up and oxidation, prolonging the life of your equipment. Penetrates quickly and displaces water, leaving a protective lubricant for all moving parts.  This product is only available to ship UPS GROUND!


  • Hook Wash lubricant
  • Cleans and lubricates
  • Precision straw included
  • 11 oz. spray can

For use with:

  • Embroidery machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Quilting machines. 

How to use:
For embroidery machines, turn off machine and unplug from source of electricity. Remove the cap. Facing the nozzle away from your face and anyone else’s, firmly insert the extension straw into the nozzle. Hold the can upright and spray 6” to 8” away from the surface to be cleaned and lubricated. Spray liberally to flush away contaminants, leaving a protective lubricant. Check for plastic compatibility. Distribute evenly and wipe off excess product. Please refer to your machine’s manual for specific maintenance of your machine.

Check out this video to learn more: 

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